Naomi spent the night in the small cabin near the lake.

It's not enough.

Darren was sleeping on the couch most of the afternoon.


Jakob didn't seem to want to win.

We treat our customers well.

What do you expect to find in Gregor's basement?

I saw a friend.

Tusnelda was the wife of Arminio.

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I still have some doubts.

Forget the sad affair.

Konstantinos is absent.

We should keep our promise.

Please don't forget to put the letter into the mailbox.

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If you want to fire me, fire me.

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Her letter saved me the trouble of visiting her house.

My mom taught me how to cook.

Liz has ants in his pants.

Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.

Who's speaking at the meeting tonight?

Translate the book into another language.

Surprisingly, he swims even on cold days.

Ralph has handled it well.

You shouldn't demean people who aren't as smart as you are. Remember: no matter how smart you may be, there will always be someone even smarter.

We found the key at last.

Her eyes were filled with tears.

I'm going to Phiroze's on Monday.

Speak slower.

I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.

I am doing my best.

I'm pretty certain that Tovah is in Boston now.

Vick couldn't wait to tell Alexis the great news.

She had never seen him before.

It may have rained a little last night.

Nobody knows what happened to the jet.

They're having extreme money problems.

I can't blame you for that.

The dog waited day after day for its master's return.

Can we try something else?

Tim was stuck in Boston because of the snow storm.

Someone will see us!

They love listening to classical music.

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I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.


Graeme is very calm.

The proposal is accepted.

Jane is to be married next month.


It is useful information.


The burglar burst into his house.

What did you expect me to give you?

Sarah was born the year after Dana was born.

I think I'm the person who should do that.

Eric was carrying a white box.

Don't bring your dog with you.

You don't want to know it!

The theater was too crowded.

Are there any military hospitals in Boston?

Do you think Stefan has a drug problem?

I wasn't doing anything.

The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.

Mongo hasn't run for office for years.


Everyone laughed.

Duke isn't as rich as Stephan.

How do you know that for sure?

As she sang with all her heart, the audience was deeply moved.

I should've tried to prevent this from happening.

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Herbert already has enough to worry about.

Generally speaking, a waiter in Japan gives good service.

How could it have been done?

Why do you want to see her?

I'm putting together a team to hunt him down.

I suppose that's why you don't like me so much.

Be careful. We don't know what's in there.

Seymour will be prepared for it.

Stephen felt Timothy's hand on his shoulder.


Raghu is planning to stay with us until next Monday.


That boy talks as if he were a grown up.

He is anxious to go with you.

Show us the magazine.


I want to get home now.

Rafael let Cary go home.

The party flew nonstop from New York to Paris.


Laurence has an extraordinary array of trophies.

Under the thigh is the knee; under this one is the calf; under the latter is the foot.

It cannot last long.

I'm sure Kenton has already spent a lot of the money we gave him.

A gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.

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I hope to be able to go in June.

These pencils need sharpening.

I minimized the window.

Elric is now cramming for the finals.

If he hadn't been eating while driving, he wouldn't have had an accident.

The closeness of their relationship was too much for him and his busy schedule.

At least we should try.

Brian kept the door open.

The sound was distinct from here.

No objection.

Timo wasn't there last month.

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The effect of gravity extends from each object out into space in all directions, and for an infinite distance.

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What's the golden rule?

He kept early hours.

His house is full of convenience.

There is a disproportionate number of girls in the class.

I save what money I got.


You could also say that he's at the bottom of the class, for sure.

I thought you might be interested.

I'm an atheist.


What makes the Japanese unique is primarily their belief that they are unique.

Consider yourselves hostages.

I've already decided to give this to Gill.


You can meet Dr. White only by appointment.

Newspapers are sold in the kiosk.

I can't. I'm still eating.

They hired Vance.

Is this report correct?

That would violate our rules.

With Renaissance, scholastic ideas gave place to positive ideas.

Many countries try to regulate the birth rate.

Gigi padded his resume.

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That would be wrong.

Polar bears live in the Arctic.

Who did he have in mind?

Sanand usually eats oatmeal without sugar.

He couldn't bear the heat.

Have you ever pruned a tree?

Now that you are in Italy, you must absolutely see Naples.

Korean food is generally very hot.

Juliane remained miserable in his marriage.

Carsten sustained fatal injuries.

My son took an early interest in politics.


I've been having trouble waking up.

I lost my temper with him because of his arrogance.

It took her more than three months to read through the magazine.

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I want to find somewhere I can sit down and relax.

You shouldn't have told her such a thing.

Kriton wanted Chuck to learn how to speak French.

When did you start using contact lenses?

You're leaving? Go then, because I don't give a shit.

Can you arrange for a night tour bus?

In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.

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Effort is essential to studying.


Will you give me another glass of milk?

Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing.

I'll never forget it.

Dan was homeless and lived in his van.

Do you want to join us for some drinks?

Get these people out of here.

Do not think about those kinds of things.

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I'm not interested in the tea ceremony or flower arranging.

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Matt and Edward got engaged today.

I thought you were raised in L.A.

That's about all.

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Was that part of your plan?

Winston is the owner of a liquor shop.

I told you I don't know what to do.

Ginny is the one who found Stan.

Few people live to be 100 years old.

Life is for living.

My what a narrow waist! Her face is small, she really looks just like a doll!

He ought to put his mind to something more useful.

I want to get out here as soon as I can.

Dean shouldn't always believe what others say.

I asked him to teach me French.

Is it true that Francis jumped in front of a bus?

You were always the romantic.

Juri has received several prizes for her poetry.

Kris said, "budge over," forced his way in and sat down.


Vijay didn't have to go there if he didn't want to.

I'm not accustomed to getting up so early.

Did I do something to make Gordon mad at me?

You can get from Washington to New York by train.

I'm not going to study tonight.